The 30 Days Warranty Waiting Period: How It Protects You

Understanding The Warranty Waiting Period

An extended car warranty waiting period is the length of time you must wait after and/or the number of miles you must drive before you can make a claim on your extended warranty.

Waiting period times can vary and are at least 30 days and 1000 miles. They can be more than that, depending on the type of coverage your vehicle qualifies for.

Both new car warranties and used car warranties have waiting period requirements.

Do All Extended Warranties Have A Waiting Period?

No. Some extended warranties will require a that you have the vehicle inspected by an approved inspector instead of having a warranty waiting period. In the event that you are required to get a vehicle inspection, you are responsible for the cost.

Can I Get An Extended Car Warranty With No Wait Period?

A reputable company will ALWAYS require either a 30 days warranty waiting period or a vehicle inspection. Car warranty companies without waiting periods are not companies you can depend on to pay your claims.

The only way you can forgo the waiting period is if you are allowed to have a vehicle inspection instead, and this has to be paid for by you, with no reimbursement provided. If the vehicle inspector finds any problems with your vehicle (known as a “pre existing condition”), you have to pay to have those problems fixed before the extended warranty will cover you.

It’s generally a better idea to go with the warranty waiting period, just in case your vehicle has any underlying issues you aren’t aware of.

Why Can’t I Just Use My Warranty Right Away?

Because the company that will be paying for your repairs has to first make sure that your vehicle isn’t already broken. A waiting period or vehicle inspection is the only way that they can be sure you are not just buying a warranty to repair a pre existing condition.

Don’t wait until your vehicle is already broken down or having problems to begin looking for an extended warranty. That’s just like trying to buy auto insurance today for an accident that you had yesterday, and it can get you in big trouble.

If you do buy a warranty for a vehicle that already has problems, and the administrator of your warranty finds out, your warranty can be voided with no chance of a refund. Or even worse, you can be prosecuted for fraud.

When Is The Best Time To Extend My Warranty?

The best thing to do is always extend your warranty when you have at a few months and a few thousand miles remaining on it. That way if there is a waiting period, you will still be covered for repairs by your previous warranty while you’re waiting for the new coverage to kick in.

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