Preexisting Conditions: Extended Warranty When Your Car Is Broken

Car Warranty Preexisting Conditions

You may have recently purchased a used car that has a lot of miles on it.

Or maybe you’ve just had your current vehicle for a long time and you’re wondering if it’s too late to get an extended warranty.

This post explains how preexisting conditions relate to your extended auto warranty and how you can avoid buying a car, truck, or SUV that is already broken without knowing it.

What Is A Preexisting Condition?

Preexisting conditions are any unresolved mechanical or electrical problems that your vehicle has while it is not covered under any type of warranty coverage.

The good news is that cosmetic issues have no effect on your extended warranty eligibility. These are things like:

How Do I Get A Warranty For My Vehicle If It’s Already Broken?

Unfortunately, no legitimate warranty company will knowingly sell you a warranty to cover repairs for a vehicle that is already broken or having problems.

However, if that problem is an issue that doesn’t affect how the vehicle runs, and is not something you plan on getting fixed, you can always let your warranty salesperson know and they can offer you coverage that doesn’t include that specific component.

If the problem your car is having is something you DO plan on getting fixed and is minor, you may be able to sit tight through the required car warranty waiting period and then get it repaired using your coverage, BUT this is very risky and we don’t recommend it.

Here’s why it’s a dangerous method to use

If you buy an extended warranty for a vehicle that’s already having issues and the company that sold you the warranty finds out, they can legally refuse to pay for your repairs, cancel it (always know what voids your car warranty), or even worse: sue you for fraud!

Buying an extended warranty for a broken vehicle is just like trying to get auto insurance after you’ve already had a car accident

The tried-and-true way is to get full bumper to bumper warranty coverage is to just bite the bullet and get the preexisting issue fixed on your own. That way, you can get the best used car warranty without any hassle or the risk of having it voided down the line.

You may have to spend a little now, but you’ll be safe on any future major repairs that would have ended up costing you a lot more.

How Does A Warranty Company Know Whether My Vehicle Is Broken?

Extended warranty companies use one of two methods to make sure they’re not providing coverage for a vehicle with pre existing conditions. The first method is by instituting a waiting period. The second is by requiring a vehicle inspection.

How Do I Make Sure I’m Not Buying A Problem Vehicle?

It’s never a good idea to purchase a used vehicle that has long history of major repairs, since the likelihood that it will have more problems when you’re the owner is very high.

Always get an in-depth vehicle history report before you put any money down on a used vehicle. AutoCheck is affordable and provides insight to things such as previous accidents and incidents, title changes, and major repairs.

You can also use a vehicle history report to find out if the vehicle has any open recalls. The best safeguard against preexisting conditions is to make sure you don’t procrastinate on your extended warranty since problems always seem to happen when you least expect it.

Do your research early and make sure you have great coverage in place BEFORE you need it, that way you’re not desperately scrambling for a solution for preexisting conditions at the last minute!

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