How to Buy Auto Insurance: 4 Questions To Ask Your Agent

How To Buy Auto InsuranceWhen considering how to buy auto insurance, it helps to work with an insurance broker or agent. In spite of their persistence (which is sometimes annoying rather than helpful), they are very knowledgeable and understand even the most complex issues that might arise in relation to your auto insurance. [Read more…]

Is Mechanical Breakdown Insurance For You?

Most people who have purchased a new or used car are familiar with extended warranties.

It is purchased at the same time the vehicle is and will either take over when the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

On older cars, it will cover the vehicle from the date of purchase.

But many people do not know they have an additional option, called mechanical breakdown [Read more…]

What Should Your Car Insurance Cover?

what does car insurance cover

Before you make a car insurance purchase, you first need to know your state’s minimum requirements. This will help you answer the question, “What should my car insurance cover?”

You can find this information via your local car insurance company, or you can go online and visit the Insurance Information Institute.

The Minimum Requirements

You will see three figures in the minimum requirements, for example 20/40/10. The first figure, 20, simply means maximum coverage for each person who’s been injured in the car accident; the second figure, 40, means maximum coverage for the entire accident; and the third figure, 10, means maximum coverage for property damage. [Read more…]