How to Buy Auto Insurance: 4 Questions To Ask Your Agent

How To Buy Auto InsuranceWhen considering how to buy auto insurance, it helps to work with an insurance broker or agent. In spite of their persistence (which is sometimes annoying rather than helpful), they are very knowledgeable and understand even the most complex issues that might arise in relation to your auto insurance.

Getting an auto insurance policy that fits you perfectly will also depend on both parties; the vehicle owner/policy holder, and the insurance agent. Make sure that you understand the policy you’re about to get by asking the right questions.

Here are some questions to ask to make sure you’re getting the policy that’s right for you:

1. What discounts are available?

Although the discounts available should not be a determinant in choosing a policy or insurance provider, you should be aware of the discounts available to make sure you’re taking advantage of the ones you qualify for.

2. Can you explain the terms and conditions in simpler terms?

Although insurances are most of the time complicated, don’t be shy about asking the agent to explain further or make use of simpler terms to avoid misunderstandings which can cause complications in the future when making a claim.

3. What are the factors that might affect my premium?

The vehicle owner should be aware of the factors that may affect your rates such as age, being a new client, etc.

For example, most insurance companies set higher premiums for drivers in their teenage years but if the teenager vehicle driver can prove that he or she practices safe driving and has a clean driving record, they should be entitled to reasonable premium rates.

4. In case of emergencies, can I call you even on weekends or in the middle of the night?

Making complaints, asking questions or filing for claims should be convenient for the policy owner. If your agent isn’t local, make sure they’re still easy to reach during off-hours.

Working with a knowledgable auto insurance agent can be helpful, but asking the right questions is also important in making sure you get the right policy for your needs.

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