Top Tips For Buying Used Cars Under $1000

Cars Under $1000No matter what part of the world you live in, times are tough.

The cost of living is increasing, job security is low, and even if you do have a decent job, there’s a good chance your income isn’t enough to fund that BMW you’ve always wanted.

This means that a growing number of people are opting to pick up old “fixer-uppers”.

Cars under $1000 might not be the fanciest things on the road, but insurance costs are low, and you’re freed from BMW service costs and the complicated maintenance requirements of more modern vehicles.

Finding good cars under $1000 can be difficult, though.  How do you know that the cheap car you’re buying is safe and reliable?  Hopefully, the following tips will help.

1. Avoid Dealers

A lot of dealers advertise cheap cars, but the advertisement has some small print – the $1,000 asking price is often just the “money down” price.  If you want to own the car you could end up paying $4,000 or more.

Instead of heading to a dealer, look for private sellers.  They’re more likely to offer reasonable deals.

2. Check the paperwork

Dealing with a private seller has its own problems.  When you buy from a dealer, you can be confident that they’re trustworthy – especially if they’ve been in business a long time.  With a private seller, you’ll have to practice a bit more due diligence to ensure that you’re really getting a good deal.

Be sure to check the paperwork of the vehicle you’re considering buying.  Make sure that the seller really does own the car, and make sure that all of the documents are in order.  If anything’s missing or looks suspicious, walk away.

3. Don’t Obsess Over Looks

When searching for cars under $1,000, you’re doing so because you need cheap transport, so don’t worry about how the car looks.   You can’t afford BMW service costs, so don’t expect something as stylish as a BMW.

The three questions you should be worrying about are:

1) Does the seller have a legal right to be selling me this car? 

2) Does this car run?

3) Is this car safe?

If you get a yes to all three, that should be good enough for your needs.  A weekend with a sander, some tape and some paint will fix a multitude of cosmetic sins, but you could pour thousands into a car that doesn’t run trying to get it back on the road.

4. Look After Your New Vehicle

Old, serviceable but scruffy cars under $1000 have the potential to last you for many years if you look after them.  However, if you abuse your ride it could quickly end up with repair bills that are bigger than the price you paid for it in the first place.

If you’re going to buy an old vehicle, treat it like it’s your pride and joy.  When it comes to cars under $1000, a little bit of regular care and attention can save you a lot of money.

This guest post was written by Crispin Jones on behalf of Main Dealer Discount, a company that can help you reduce your BMW service costs.

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